Privacy policy

For Members

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into force on 25th May 2018 we are having to update our policies on dealing with data including your contact details. You will be aware that we retain your contact details and that these are distributed periodically in the form of a list of current members on PDF. These details are provided for the personal use of NMB members only and under no circumstances must this list be shown to anyone else. Your contact details my be used for the following and only the following:

• To distribute notices of members, meetings, concerts, submission forms and annual subscriptions.

• Fellow members may also periodically wish to use these contact details to notify you of concerts in which they are involved. Please note however: if addressing emails to fellow members be sure to use the Blind

Copy (BCC) facility. You must not send emails where all members’ addresses are visible. I you are unsure about this please ask. It is no longer enough for us to assume your tacit consent to our holding your data and using it in this manner, we need you to confirm that you are OK with your data being held and used as detailed above. I should emphasise that there is nothing sinister in all of this; quite the contrary, your rights over personal data are reinforced through GDPR and your active consent to the use of your data serves to emphasise this; indeed you probably have already been contacted by other organisations holding your data with the same request. already been contacted by other organisations holding your data with the same request.

For general visitors

We hold no personal data when you visit our site and only anonymized information via cookies is sent to Google analytics and WordPress Jetpack to give us visitor numbers and general site usage information. If you have subscribed to our newsletter and mailing list hosted via Mail Chimp, your email address is stored by MailChimp and you can unsubscribe at any time. If you send us a message or query via the website your email is only used to reply to you. We do not pass on any personal information to third parties.