Welcome to our new and improved website. We’ve been aiming to do this for quite some time and over the next few weeks more information about us, our composers and events will be added here.

In the process we’ve transferred the site to a new server with unlimited web space and bandwidth with the consequence that we can now put up as many photos, audio and video clips as we want and we can also provide a page for each of our members to write about themselves and/or their work. One of the many advantages of doing this is that we can now stream our new album …because it’s spring on the site (see below).



stream video examples from our multimedia concerts (here is one of my pieces performed at our last multimedia concert) and we can display as many photographs as we want.



We also hope to develop the site as a magazine to enable our members and friends to write articles that may be of interest and develop a community between composers and the people who come to our concerts and are passionate about new music. It will also allow us to put pdfs of our concert programmes online if people want an electronic version of them and the site will give us our members the space to write in much greater depth about the pieces they’ve written. So please let us know if you’d like to contribute something for the site.

If you have any suggestions or problems with the site then please let us know. The site has been designed to modern standards in HTML5 so most modern browsers should work. The site doesn’t support old versions of Internet Explorer but should be fine to view on mobile devices and tablets.

Chair, New Music Brighton